October 2015 Community Choice Project of the Month Vote

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  • Cherith Janes

    Cherith Janes - 2015-08-14

    The candidates for SourceForge Project of the Month for October 2015 are:

    Shortname Project Name
    cyberfox Mozilla-based browser designed for 64-bit architecture
    namelessrom Custom ROM for Android
    pcre A PERL 5 regular expression pattern matching library
    crengine Cross-platform eBook reader for desktops & handheld devices
    bonkenc Audio converter and CD ripper for various formats
    lxle A full featured, lightweight Linux OS for aging PCs
    texstudio Integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents
    roundcubemail A browser-based, multilingual IMAP client
    cdock A small and simple program to customize your Mac dock

    See the SourceForge blog for a full description of each candidate.

    To vote, comment on this thread with the first line in the following format:

    VOTE: shortname

    Subsequent lines, and any messages that do not start with VOTE will be ignored by our tallying script. We encourage you to give your rationale for why you voted the way you did.

    Only the newest vote per user will be counted. Votes will be accepted until 2015-09-15, 12:00 UTC. Votes submitted, or edited after that point will be ignored. See our wiki for a full list of voting instructions and rules.



    Wiki: voting instructions and rules

    Last edit: Cherith Janes 2015-08-15
    • heiko woehrle

      heiko woehrle - 2015-08-19

      VOTE: bonkenc

      • Ralf Sturm

        Ralf Sturm - 2015-09-08

        VOTE: bonkenc

      • hans im glück

        hans im glück - 2015-09-09

        vote: bonkenc

    • Terflip

      Terflip - 2015-08-20

      Vote Cyberfox

    • DiFrischia

      DiFrischia - 2015-08-20

      VOTE: pcre

    • msdobrescu

      msdobrescu - 2015-08-25

      VOTE: bonkenc

    • The Open

      The Open - 2015-08-26

      VOTE: bonkenc

    • Dave Lavis

      Dave Lavis - 2015-09-01

      VOTE: cyberfox
      a superb substitute for firefox but much faster.

    • Guillaume Weber

      Guillaume Weber - 2015-09-02

      VOTE: bonkenc

    • Maxie Dorf

      Maxie Dorf - 2015-09-02

      VOTE: bonkenc

    • Simon

      Simon - 2015-09-02

      VOTE: bonkenc

    • Thiago

      Thiago - 2015-09-03

      VOTE: texstudio

    • Filipe Alves

      Filipe Alves - 2015-09-04

      VOTE: texstudio

    • Brent Perreault

      Brent Perreault - 2015-09-05

      Vote: texstudio

    • Silvia

      Silvia - 2015-09-05

      VOTE: bonkenc

      Very versatile audio converter, full of tools and useful options.
      I still have to learn all the magic that came packaged in this small piece of beauty.

      • Nebojša Nikolić

        I agree

    • 3rguy

      3rguy - 2015-09-06

      VOTE: texstudio

    • Nils

      Nils - 2015-09-07

      VOTE: bonkenc

    • Kendon Bell

      Kendon Bell - 2015-09-07

      VOTE: texstudio

    • ZzZhEKa

      ZzZhEKa - 2015-09-08

      VOTE: bonkenc
      I think BonkEnc - Free::AC is the one of the best audioencoding program! It offers to you the ability to use most of the LAME and other audiocodecs functions available!
      I'm using it since version 1.0.2 and have no questions!
      It has tramslations and help on many languages including Russian.

    • Wamseln Agner

      Wamseln Agner - 2015-09-08

      VOTE: texstudio

    • Evgeny Kozlov

      Evgeny Kozlov - 2015-09-09

      VOTE: bonkenc

      For many yers I've searching for perfect audioconverter. And I've found it!
      It's BoncEnc - Free::AC.
      I think it's one of best audioencoding and converting software.
      It affort to user ability to use almost all features that supported codecs can do. It allow to edit tags and much more!
      Also it has good localised inteface and help in some languages that makes this software more friendly to novice users.
      Last version - Free::AC - works on Linux as well as on Windows!
      I'm using this program for many years and I'm voting for it!

      Last edit: Evgeny Kozlov 2015-09-09
    • Gabriel Zachmann

      VOTE: texstudio

    • Esin Karahan

      Esin Karahan - 2015-09-09

      VOTE: texstudio

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