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Welcome to Postgres-XC

Welcome to Postgres-XC, the only known PostgreSQL cluster solution which provides for both read and write scalability.

This website includes useful information to understand, download, build, deploy and use Postgres-XC.

If you are familiar with the project outline, please visit individual pages as desired. If not, we advise you to first visit each page of this site to obtain a proper understanding of Postgres-XC and how it can help you.

All of the Postgres-XC team members are looking forward to continuing to improve Postgres-XC and working with you to help solve your database scalability problems.


What's On

May 20th, 2014

Postgres-XC Developer meeting in PGCon 2014.

Cluster and Replication Developers Summit pgCon 2014

April 4th, 2014

Postgres-XC 1.0.4 is out.

  • Source tarball is available here.
  • Document page is here.
  • Release note is here.

Postgres-XC 1.1.1 is out.

  • Source tarball is available here.
  • Document page is here.
  • Release note is here.

April 3rd, 2014

Postgres-XC 1.2.1 is out.

  • Source tarball is available here.
  • Document page is here.
  • Release note is here.

This contains many fixes/improvement from 1.2 beta. 1.2.0 was skipped because of some important bugs to be fixed.

Feb.11th, 2014

Postgres-XC 1.2 beta is out.

  • Source tarball is available here.
  • Document page is here.
  • Release note is here.

Nov.8th, 2013

  • Tomonari Katsumata from NTT Software made Postgres-XC presentation and demonstration at PostgreSQL Conference 2013, Tokyo. Visit here for presentation slide deck and video.

Oct. 21st, 2013

  • Koichi Suzuki made a presentation at Postgres Open 2013, Chicago. Visit here for presentation slide deck, demonstration script, demonstration configuration and presentation demo.

Sept. 5th, 2013

  • StormDB provides Postgres-XC 1.1 RPMs. Visit here.

Aug. 22nd, 2013

  • Now Postgres-XC Release 1.1 is available. Download the material from here. The release note is at this page.

What is Postgres-XC?

Postgres-XC is an open source project to provide a write-scalable, synchronous multi-master, transparent PostgreSQL cluster solution. It is a collection if tightly coupled database components which can be installed in more than one hardware or virtual machines.

Write-scalable means Postgres-XC can be configured with as many database servers as you want and handle many more writes (updating SQL statements) compared to what a single database server can not do.

Multi-master means you can have more than one database server that clients connect to which provide a single, consistent cluster-wide view of the database.

Synchronous means any database update from any database server is immediately visible to any other transactions running on different masters.

Transparent means you (and your applications) do not have to worry about how your data is stored in more than one database servers internally.

You can configure Postgres-XC to run on multiple servers. Your data is stored in a distributed way, that is, partitioned or replicated, as chosen by you for each table. When you issue queries, Postgres-XC determines where the target data is stored and issues corresponding queries to servers containing the target data.


  • The latest release is Release 1.2.1. Document will be found here.
  • Other version document will be found here.

Where To Go

Past Events

Important Project Pages

Please visit the following pages for Postgres-XC information. We're planning to collect all the information other than the code and development to this page. Sorry for the inconvenience so far.

How to become a member

We welcome anybody who are interested in XC and would like to contribute to the project.

You can contribute to the project in various ways.

  • You can contribute a code by submitting patches.
  • You can report bugs.
  • You can share your experience through mailing lists.
  • You can share your requirements through mailing lists.

Please become mailing list subscriber to share information and submit patches. You can subscribe the following mailing list.

  • postgres-xc-announce: To join, click here
  • postgres-xc-bugs: To join, click here
  • postgres-xc-committers: To join, click here
  • postgres-xc-developers: To join, click here
  • postgres-xc-general: To join, click here

Bug Report and Tracking

Please post your bug report to postgres-xc-bugs mailing list. As mentioned above, reporting bugs in English will save member's effort to translate. Again, please indicate what language is used at the top of the text if you're not posting in English. Subject should be in English.

Each bug report is tracked using sourceforge bug tracker in Postgres-XC developers page. A member with privilege to the tracker should register the post if it looks a bug and reply with an artifact ID, which should be indicated in the following communication.

If you have a privilege to write to the bug tracker and feel difficulty to write a report in English, you may use your native language. Please understand that you should wait until somebody with the privilege volunteers to translate it into English until other members notice it and help to fix. In this case please do not use your native language in the summary. Please give English summary.


Following companies support the project from the very beginning.

Also, the following company continuously provide input and code.

Team members

Developer's Page

You can add your ideas, discussions and other contribute to the project in the Developers page. This page also contains specifications of some PostgreSQL features designed for XC.

How to contribute to this page

You can add contents to some of the pages. For help to edit pages, please refer to the following pages.


Postgres-XC: Commit_Process
Postgres-XC: Developers
Postgres-XC: Developers_Page
Postgres-XC: Documentation
Postgres-XC: Download
Postgres-XC: Getting_Started
Postgres-XC: Members
Postgres-XC: Pgxc_ctl_tutorial
Postgres-XC: Presentation_Materials
Postgres-XC: Release_Policy
Postgres-XC: Roadmap
Postgres-XC: Scalability

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