#58 Check if notified_at is older than created

Vacation (23)

This patch really only applies under certain conditions, when PFAs php-script for some reason can't delete the entry from the vacation_notification table (for example if your running MySQL Replication to a off site email server, and you don't like to setup a master<->master replication in MySQL).

What it does is that it enables so vacation.pl takes into consideration that the vacation_notification table can contain outdated values (i.e. a user has changed his message and/or come back from vacation and gone on vacation again).

It creates a higher amount of sql queries as an conditional query is moved to be an needed sql query, so it should really be used when you only have to.
And it should also be combined with an shell script (perl, php, sh) to clean the vacation_notification table.

Patch applies to SVN rev. 535

My suggestion to maintainers is to place it into contrib, this should NOT go into the vacation.pl as it still only applies under very special circumstances.


  • Rag3Rac3r

    Rag3Rac3r - 2009-01-29

    Unified Patch

  • Rag3Rac3r

    Rag3Rac3r - 2009-01-29

    Example Cleanup Script for vacation_notifcation (PHP shell script)

  • Rag3Rac3r

    Rag3Rac3r - 2009-01-29

    Added a example cleanup script for the table in the database that both cleans out active vacations where the notifcation was sent out last time the user was on vacation and where the vacation is inactive and it in normal cases would've been purged by the PFA webscripts.
    Perl isn't my strong side, if it had been, the script would've been in that ;)

  • GingerDog

    GingerDog - 2009-01-30

    Thanks; I'll try and review it and add it to SVN shortly. (If I've not done anything in a week, feel free to give me a kick)

  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2009-10-19

    Gingerdog: ping ;-)

    IMHO the additional query doesn't hurt much - this patch should go into the official vacation.pl (given it does what it should - I only had a look at the query, not at all the code ;-)


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