>hmm, it seems that it cannot initiate the smarty object (done in
>common.php). I'll add some error checks...


Hello again.
I have updated to revision 761

Now i have the following on top of the page :

'.$val.''; } return $ret_val; } function eval_size ($aSize) { if ($aSize == 0) {$ret_val = $GLOBALS ['PALANG']['pOverview_unlimited']; } elseif ($aSize < 0) {$ret_val = $GLOBALS ['PALANG']['pOverview_disabled']; } else {$ret_val = $aSize; } return $ret_val; } php?>

This is before the postfixadmin logo

The first page load normal but the page list-virtual.php stays empty (except for the above line)
This is also for almost all other pages like domain overview log  alias overview.

Thanks again for the work on this project.
Johan Hendriks