I'm implementing PA (on a Mac Mini using MacPorts -- mac equivalent to RPM's, more or less ;) )...

...I have significant experience with Postfix, but PA is new to me.

A few questions, mostly just to ensure I'm not completely misunderstanding:

1) PA appears to support virtual domains (both mailbox and alias) but NOT local domains. True? In other words, I don't see a way to add a simple local alias (one with no domain name on left or right side)

2) From browsing the various discussions, it appears that the current trunk is reasonably stable. True?

3) The MacPorts version is back on 2.3.3 of PA. Any reason that I couldn't get started by essentially swapping out the 2.3.3 code for the current trunk? (As someone just firing this up for the first time.)

4) We have a significant pile of aliases, virtual alias domains, and a few large (POP3) mailboxes. Does the following general strategy sound about right?

a) Use SED/VIM/etc magic to convert the text files to a pile of MySQL commands or PA-CLI commands. Generate the new database entries and ensure all looks well.

b) Send one email to each new mailbox, to force proper tree creation.

c) Move all remaining messages into the new location.

Thanks much!
Pete H