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it would be awesome if postfixadmin would provide a way to create mailing lists (i.e. for newsletters).

For instance, after creating a "newsletter@domain.tld" mailing list, you can define the following settings:
== Subscription ==
1) Anyone (if 4. is set to "allow") may subscribe via Email to newsletter-register@domain.tld
2) Registered may unsubscribe via Email to newsletter-unsubscribe@domain.tld
3) Manually add email adresses to the list (kind of 1-n alias, but more comfortable)
4) Allow / Disallow subscribtion of anyone via Email (for non-public mailing lists)
5) Define moderators (Email-adresses) for this mailing list
6) Notify moderator(s) on new subscriptions
== Posting Policies ==
7) Member can post a message (yes/no)
8) Non-Member can post a message (yes/no)
9) Moderator can post a message (yes/no)
10) Send delivery errors to moderators (yes/no)
11) Reply-To Header attribute
12) Subject Prefix
13) Hide sender's email (yes/no)
14) Allow messages with empty subject (yes/no)
== Comments ==
15) Text automatically sent to new members (i.e. welcome message)
16) Text automatically appended to each E-Mail (i.e. Unsibscription notice)



  • Charles

    Charles - 2011-03-08

    There are already mailing list managers available... I hope PFA doesn't go down the road of trying to do everything...

  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2011-03-09
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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