Christian Boltz - 2007-12-16

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Some notes in random order:

The "goto" field is "text", which means up to 64 kB (for MySQL - please check for PgSQL). I guess nobody will have 64kB (that means >1000 targets if each address is 63 bytes long) of alias targets ;-) (That's a usecase for mailman etc.)

Does DRJ33 have real problems with the field length?

Support in postfix needs careful testing in different postfix versions.

People with some performance tuning in their postfix config will have broken aliases, delivering only to the first goto target. This happens when someone uses "LIMIT 1" because up to now it's clear that there will be only one result.

vacation logic / adding the vacation target: yes, maybe - but this is the only advantage I see right now.

This requires several changes in postfixadmin, so we should not do it in 2.2.

Oh, and the pastebin sniplet doesn't exist :-( If you have saved it somewhere, please upload it again or mail it to me.