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It would be nice to add a column 'sieve' to 'mailbox' table; this would be used to store a path to user sieve script. I am using dovecot+cmusieve for virtual delivery and the filter needs to know, where is the relevant script located.


  • GingerDog

    GingerDog - 2007-10-07

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    Could you not solve this through convention - e.g. the sieve script always has the same name as the username?

  • ondras

    ondras - 2007-11-07

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    This is not possible. Imagine shell user A taking care of mailboxes B & C, editing sieve scripts for B & C located in his home directory. A needs to explicitely state that B's and C's sieve scripts are located somewhere in /home/A/... and not in say /home/%username%/ .

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    can you give a practical example that sieve is needed in postfixadmin ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I use Sieve as Dovecot plugin. Sieve is applied when mail is locally delivered (via Dovecot), so Sieve script path should be stored next to list of virtual mailboxes and domains. Now when I have these data in MySQL database, it is pretty straightforward to store sieve path in DB as well. And the DB is managed via postfixadmin, so it is logical to have this setting also available in this webinterface. Sieve script is an attribute of a mailbox, similarly to password and redirect path.


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