#14 Alias and Mailbox managing


I have an qmailadmin console with working Qmail&Vpopmail&Courier, and now thinking about moving to Postfix&Courier&Postfixadmin

So, after some discovering in a new build system, I've found some missed features:
1) Alias and Mailbox managing now are together, so then U have lots of aliases with an more then 20 forwards, then too much scrolling to find smth U really need.
2) There is no integrated maillist system like in qmailadmin
3) There is no mailbox quota indicator that could show a size of the mailbox.
4) Vacation could be edit from admin console, or not from user's console only.



  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2011-04-23

    I know this feature request is old, nevertheless I'll comment on it:

    1) current SVN trunk has separate pages for mailboxes and aliases, which means our next major release will fulfill your needs.
    OTOH I'm missing the overall view and will probably add an option to switch to it.

    2) we don't want to re-invent every wheel, therefore: sorry, no built-in mailinglist support (see
    for information how you can integrate Mailman mailinglists)

    3) If you are talking about displaying used quota: we have that in the meantime. AFAIK only dovecot supports writing the used quota to the database, and you have to set $CONF['used_quotas'] = 'YES' and to set $CONF['new_quota_table'] according to your dovecot version.

    4) it is - set $CONF['vacation_control_admin'] = 'YES';

  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2011-04-23
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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