Could not create first user

  • Robert Moskowitz

    This is on Centos 6.3, using 'stock' postfix, mysql, dovecot, and roundcubemail; following (pretty much) the tutorial at

    So I am up to trying out the system, and used postfixadmin to create the domain the server is in, then a user and got an eror:

    Send Welcome mail: yes

    Unable to send email!
    The mailbox has been added to the mailbox table, but none (or only some) of the predefined sub-folders could be created

    There is nothing under /home/vmail (in postfix/ virtual_mailbox_base = /home/vmail)

  • Robert Moskowitz

    OK.  Got this figured out.  Firewall and Selinux blocking.  Firewall for the needed ports was easy.  For now Selinux in permissive mode as I read the howtos on it.

    Adding a user is very slow.  Seems to be problems with my postfix setupMore research.


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