Unknown user forward to Another ISP server

  • Shaik

    Shaik - 2014-03-13


    I need you great help to solve forwarding problem @ postfix.

    I have install Mailserver using iredmail and configured well. I used fetchmail to poll email from ISP server (Same domain , Dedicated hosting). Everything is working fine and the only problem im facing is Unknown recipient. I want to forward all unknown recipient to another ISP server. Please help how to configure in order to forward to another server of same domain.


  • Simon Hobson

    Simon Hobson - 2014-03-13

    This is not a general Postfix help forum - this is for the separate package Postfix Admin which configures/maintains virtual domains & mailboxes using Postfix (plus MySQL, optionally maildrop, and Courier or Dovecot).
    For Postfix help you should head over to postfix.org and check out the Postfix mailing lists.

    However, in general I would recommend against anything that handles "all unknown recipients" as that is a recipe for spam. IMO you are best configuring the inbound server to only accept mail for known recipients and reject the rest - then you have no unknown recipients to handle.

    If you accept mail for unknown recipients then what ? If you forward it all to someone then they'll get truckloads of spam and miss the occasional ham in amongst the mess. If you (silently) delete everything but certain recipients then you are guilty of accepting mail which you are neither going to deliver nor inform the sender that you've not delivered it. And you certainly can't bounce it as your then become part of the problem.

    IMO rejecting (not bouncing) mail for unknown recipients is OK - you've done your best, senders mistyping an address will find out, and any backscatter is caused by someone else's badly configured system (none of us can fix other people's servers).


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