How to set 'frequency' for the vacatio...

  • Charles

    Charles - 2010-12-28

    Subject says it… there is supposed to be a way to set whether or not the vacation message is repeated for the same sender… but I can't find it…

  • Charles

    Charles - 2010-12-29

    christian was nice enough to provide the answer on irc, so I'm just relaying it here to close his thread…

    The config options are in the script itself. There are no GUI representation for them (yet), but you can create your own /etc/postfixadmin/vacation.conf file and put any changes you want there to keep it simpler…

    So, I just did the latter and added:

    $interval = 60*60*24;

    To get no more than one vacation message per sender per day…

    Thanks again for all your help yesterday christian!

  • J.Kruis

    J.Kruis - 2010-12-29

    Hi ,
    I am working on a gui to set reply time in three options.

    Auto reply
    one reply
    delay reply

    also  the admin of a domain can allow  users of that domain to change the type of  reply that admin has set or what is set by default

    this is done by setting in and adding fields in the data base.

    but I need some help

    at this time I have some troubles, the gui need to display and put the correct value in the database after I actived the settings twice.

    I think I'm doing something wrong with the post en get options.

    Can somebody give my some instructions or directions?

    Jan Kruis


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