dovecot quota

  • Nerijus Baliūnas


    I don't have quota and quota2 mysql tables filled with data (they are empty), but Thunderbird does display used quota (IMAP server is dovecot). Postfixadmin (2.3.7) does not (but it displays on another setup where quota2 table is used). Is it possible for postfixadmin to get quota without quota2 table?

  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2014-06-20

    You need to configure dovecot so that it fills/updates the quota2 table.

    See DOVECOT.TXT in the PostfixAdmin documentation - there's a section (at the bottom of the file) that describes what you need.

  • Pitva

    Pitva - 2014-11-07

    I have the same problem.
    I've red DOVECOT.TXT, but it does not change anything. I had to modify the user_query because what written in DOVECOT.TXT is for dovecot 1.x and i'm using dovecot 2..

    Thunderbird display me a correct quota, but postfixadmin not.
    I see no error in my log


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