Postfix 2 weeks delayed messages

  • adis_k

    adis_k - 2013-05-29

    I have Postfix, Procmail, Postgrey, SpamAssasin configured on my debian server.
    There was no problem till this month.
    Some messages were sent by sender on 10th May, but they came 25th May to my Outlook inbox. It wasnt only one specific sender... delayed messages were sent from different domains.
    Any ideas what is causeing this long delay?

    thanks a lot.

  • Simon Hobson

    Simon Hobson - 2013-05-29

    First thing is to look at the headers - see where it's been and where it's been delayed.
    Then look in your own mail logs for the corresponding times and see what is logged there.

    This is very unlikely to be anything to do with Postfix Admin (you don't even mention Postfix Admin in your list of software). Note that this is the support forum for Postfix Admin, a package for managing virtual mailboxes etc - it is not a general Postfix support forum. For that, you are better heading over to where there are links to the generic Postfix support resources.


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