PostfixAdmin affects my mailbox somehow

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-16


    Sorry for this generic post. But I installed PostfixAdmin on an existing server that is using postfix and vmail. I basically just put it in the web directory, created the database and did the setup pages setup directions.

    Once the admin page came up it doesn't seem to be setup in a way that actually lets me see or manage any accounts.

    That is not really the big deal though. Because after I did that I started getting support requests from users who all of a sudden can't access their accounts (which never happens).

    What kind of things might PostfixAdmin have modified, any cf files? Is there a process to uninstall


  • Simon Hobson

    Simon Hobson - 2012-10-16

    That is to be expected.

    If you fully installed PFA, then you'll have most likely done the steps to make it work with Courier (or whatever you're using). That means these other programs will now be trying to lookup users via the PFA database instead of whatever they were using before. PFA doesn't itself modify anything - all that is done by the admin. If you install via a packaged version specific to your (unspecified) OS then that package may make changes (but nothing likely to affect your existing setup).

    Only you know what you modified during installation (we don't know what host OS/variant you are using, how you installed (manual vs package), etc, etc - the obvious thing is to go back and undo the changes to get a working system.
    Then work out a migration plan to install PFA without breaking your current setup. That may be as simple as making sure all the domains/users/etc in your current setup are put into PFA so that when you switch authentication methods, the users can still authenticate properly. You can run PFA and access the admin functions without doing the MTA/server integrations - this would give you the opportunity to create all the setup needed and then switch configs to use PFA. You can even do the switch in stages as long as everything uses the same maildirs - eg switch mail acceptance and delivery to use PFA, then switch mailbox access authentication, etc.

    As to using the admin pages, you should initially have a blankish screen with a menubar across the top. Go to the domain list, and there you can add domains. Once you have one or more domains, you can then go into them and add mailboxes or aliases.

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-17


    Sorry for the delay, and thanks very much for the reply.

    I actually just dragged the PHP stuff into a web directory and then manually configured PFA. I also manually created the tables.

    I figured out that what happened was that the Firestarter firewall was either started or had rules added to that blocked the SMTP port. I have no idea why since this is a single use machine and no one was using it. But I have a hard time believing anything in PFA had anything to do with it.


    I would like to add domains, but if I affect the service I might now for now.


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