Relay multiple domains to multiple servers

  • twieren

    twieren - 2013-09-05


    I am experimenting with postfix at the moment, i want to relay mail to specific servers. For example: -> ->

    How can i configure this? I cant seem to find the solution.....

    Kind regards, Timo

  • Simon Hobson

    Simon Hobson - 2013-09-06

    First off, are you using Postfix Admin, or just Postfix ? This is the support forum for Postfix Admin - a tool for managing virtual domains/mailboxes using a web GUI and MySQL tables to drive Postfix.
    For Postfix support you would be better popping over to where you'll find the Postfix support resources.

    However, what you want to do is fairly easy - you need to look into transport maps. I've only done it by extending Postfix Admin as I already use it for managing virtual domains & mailboxes - and I wrote it up in the Wiki

    From memory you need to create a transport map that essentially contains destination-domain -> transport pairs. Each transport will be of the form relay:[destination-server] - the "[..]" tells Postfix not to do an MX lookup but to use the value directly. As I say, that's just from memory and it's a while since I last looked at it.


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