SteveB - 2007-06-13

Hallo all

I am using Postfix.Admin since some time and have changed my old installation to include some additional functionality. Right now I am building a new mail server and I am rethinking my changes I did. I want to make them more configurable and add some other stuff. Currently I am planing (some stuff is already added) to add:
- Flags for Postfix policies (I think 9 policies should be enough)
- Postfix policies on domain level
- Postfix policies on user/email level
- Flags for allowing/disabling SMTP
- Flags for allowing/disabling POP
- Flags for allowing/disabling IMAP

I need the policies for things like:
- Enable/disable SPF checks on domain/user level
- Enable/disable Greylisting service on domain/user level
- Enable/disable Anti-Virus service on domain/user level
- Enable/disable Anti-Spam service on domain/user level
- etc...

The flags for allowing/disabling SMTP/POP/IMAP are needed so I can allow users to use SMTP outbound (inbound should/can not be limited), POP or IMAP.

Could those changes be something others would like to use as well? If so... how can I commit those changes to the repository?

// SteveB