Import/Merge Existing Configuration?

  • Michael Sloan

    Michael Sloan - 2012-11-27

    I've spent a week or two getting Postfix and Dovecot to work together nicely in preparation for migrating mail from Solaris Sendmail/WU IMAP (using mbox format) on archaic hardware to SuSE Enterprise Postfix/Dovecot using virtual domains, mySQL backend, and the Maildir format, largely using the tutorial from - although I've spent a good amount of time compiling/recompiling Postfix and Dovecot and necessary underpinnings.

    The mail transport, sending, and receiving all work flawlessly - the only thing that's missing is a vacation autoreply feature and after hunting for information on vacation autoreplies, I found Postfix Admin. (I wish I'd found this first!). I haven't migrated mail yet and no one's using the replacement server, but I don't really want to break an existing system and recreate accounts for everyone…

    My existing mySQL database has 5 tables: admins, domain_admins (unused), virtual_domains, virtual_aliases, and virtual_users. If I want to use Postfix Admin, is my best bet using a new database and recreating accounts (along with hoping that nothing gets changed in the working Postfix/Dovecot interaction)? Or might it be better to use some other mechanism for autoreplies? If so, does anyone have recommendations?

  • Charles

    Charles - 2012-11-27

    No worries about messing up the existing one as long as you don't - mess up the existing one… ;)

    I would just install Postfixadmin, create the new DB for it and let it create the Tables itself, then once you have it working *and tested*, you can just point your postfix/dovecot to the new DB… you can easily switch them back if something doesn't work as expected…

    I would just recreate the domains and accounts manually if there aren't that many, but if you're very comfortable with mysql, then you could also just export/import them too, but I can't help you there…


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