postfixadmin-2.91 can not create a user directory problem (I have met the needs of actual help)

  • terry

    terry - 2014-07-09

    Dear Friends:
      I'm using postfixadmin-2.91
    Problem I encountered was created by the user to the back-end database, but it can not create a user directory
    Error: The mailbox postcreate script failed, check the error log for details!

    But I can not find any place in the log records

    So I used the recommended changes postfixadmin
    I did the following things to modify
    Comment out the following sentence
    / / $ CONF ['mailbox_postedit_script'] = 'maildir';
    $ CONF ['mailbox_postedit_script'] = 'sudo-u tmail / usr / local / bin /';

    About Content script (I copy postfixadmin-2.91 under / debian / postfixadmin / usr / share / doc / postfixadmin / examples /
    Just as a template to modify the following phrase
      basedir = / var / spool / maildirs -> basedir = / var / tmail)

    These are my encounter problems using postfixadmin-2.91 Description

    Very sorry my English is very bad, I hope you understand the meaning of the expression

    I want results when I use postfixadmin-2.91 also created when a user creates a user directory

    It should look like this in my mail directory / var / tmail

    Creating something like this

    Thank help greatly appreciated

    My email: terry.gmh @

  • Thomas Andersson

    I'm not sure I've understood completely, but the base of the mail is set in the Postfix congig /etc/postfix/

    virtual_mailbox_base = /var/tmail

    In the Postfixadmin settings (

    $CONF['domain_path'] = 'NO';
    $CONF['domain_in_mailbox'] = 'YES';

    Should do what you ask for I think (/var/tmail/

    Hope I understood correctly (I'm brand new to this myself).


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