Vacation admin - where is it?

  • Jordan Snodgrass


    I've enabled the vacation module following the install instructions in VIRTUAL_VACATION/INSTALL.TXT.  No biggie there, it was easy to set up.  However, I am not able to see any vacation settings in PostfixAdmin after logging in.  $CONF['vacation'] = 'YES' in my, and I've properly set $CONF['vacation_domain']. 

    So my question is, where is a user supposed to set up vacation?  Are they to manually enter it into the DB?  I assumed there will be some sort of web admin where users could set up their vacation replies.  Am I wrong?  If I do 'grep vacation *.php' the only matches found are the entires.

    Using v2.1.0


    • Jordan Snodgrass

      Nevermind, I found it.  I didn't even know there was a separate /users/ login page.  :)


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