Install PostfixAdmin on multiple servers

  • Allysson Steve Mota Lacerda

    Hi everyone.

    I'm trying to configure PostfixAdmin on two servers wich have replicated databases and some partitions (including mailboxes). I can install and use PostfixAdmin on my first server.

    When I try to access PostfixAdmin on the second server, my credentials don't work. I need to re-run setup.php but when I do this, the first server stops working. It looks like setup works only to one host.

    Can anybody help me?

  • Simon Hobson

    Simon Hobson - 2013-06-01

    It might help if you clarify what you are doing/trying to achieve. If this is just "two mail handlers sharing everything to split the load" then I have a similar setup. What I've done is make a master backend (holds the database and runs Policy Daemon), and several mail handlers. Each mail handler has a replicated database (I found problems all sharing one, but I haven't yet thought of a way to test again without causing customer disruption) and mounts a common mailbox directory via NFS.
    PFA runs on one of the frontends (the main one that holds the mail store and runs webmail), with credentials pointed at the backend database. I only ever update the backend database, and replication pushes the changes down to the frontend copies.


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