Mailbox requests and approval

  • bg011

    bg011 - 2010-01-06

    Is there a way to have some interface where visitors would be able to request a mailbox?
    With possibility for postmaster to approve or not  that request.

    At the end, if request authenticated via confirmation email and mailbox is approved, that data is stored in some sort of local file, or temp sql table, that would be possible to import using import feature of email accounts within postfixadmin.

  • bg011

    bg011 - 2010-01-06

    Just a more details of what I tnink would be a great add on:

    - Additional field should exist for domains controlled via postfixadmin, defining if request for mailboxes can be made or not for that particular domain
    - Request for mailbox  should include domain, from pull down menu based on field mentioned above, prefix selection, manually entered or suggested by system, capcha, to prevent non-humans and some sort of agreement
    _ User will then click on Submit request button
    - After request is verified, by sending confirmation email, postadmin of selected domain will see request trough postfixadmin interface
    - At that time, postadmin will approve or not request, using his discretion rights
    - If approved, requestor will receive email with account details
    - If not approved requestor will receive request rejection email

    I would not mind to give it a try tomake it myself, but I have no idea about correct sql statements needed for this.


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