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New, need help

  • Robert Moskowitz

    I am just starting out on Centos 6.3 which comes with Postfix ready to go.  I have installed mysql and created the postfix database.  Now I am trying to follow directions to customize but getting stopped rather quickly.

    RIght now I am up to hashing the password following:

    // In order to setup Postfixadmin, you MUST specify a hashed password here.
    // To create the hash, visit setup.php in a browser and type a password into the field,
    // on submission it will be echoed out to you as a hashed value.

    So what does this mean?  I figured file:///var/www/html/pfadm/setup.php but I get errors starting with:

    Postfix Admin Setup Checker

    Running software:

        Error: Depends on: PHP v5
        \n"; $error += 1; } if (phpversion() >= 5) { $phpversion = 5; print "
        PHP version " . phpversion () . "
        \n"; } } else { print "

    But Centos 6.3 has php 5.3.3 so what is going wrong?

    I tried http://http://localhost/pfadm/setup.php

    I get:

    Please edit - change $CONF to true after setting your database settings

    So how am I suppose to get this hashed password?

  • Simon Hobson

    Simon Hobson - 2012-12-19

    You need to point your web browser to <wherever PFA is installed>/setup.php. Then you'll see a form (from memory - it's a while since I set one up) where you type a password and click submit. The resulting page will show you the hashed value.


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