#283 Display quota for users don't use Dovecot

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Hi, i've setup Postfixadmin correctly but i would like to know if there is some trick to show "used_quota" for users like me that don't use Dovecot.
I'm using Courier.
Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2013-03-24
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
    • milestone: --> SVN_(please_specify_revision!)
  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2013-03-24

    used_quota means: PostfixAdmin is reading the used quota from the quota or quota2 table (depending on $CONF[new_quota_table].

    Dovecot has a config option to automatically update those tables whenever a mail is delivered to the mailbox (using dovecot deliver) or the user deletes mails from his mailbox (POP3/IMAP logins).

    Courier can't update the database automatically.

    If you fill the quota/quota2 table with data (for example with a cronjob), then PostfixAdmin will display it.

    There is an old script (ADDITIONS/quota_usage.pl) that does something similar, but you'll need to update it (it needs to write to the quota2 table instead of adding a column to the mailbox table).

    I'm closing this bugreport for now because it works as documented.

    A script to update the quota2 table for non-dovecot users would be more than welcome. If you write one or update ADDITIONS/quota_usage.pl, please reopen this bugreport and attach it. I'll happily add it to the official code base ;-)


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