#234 Updated en.lang to be more clear

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Chris H.

The biggest change was to the "pEdit_alias_" group. I thought it was unclear and I'm dealing with end-users here. Also, I modified the "Edit" button language for clarity.

Chris H.


  • Chris H.

    Chris H. - 2011-02-18

    diff file for en.lang

  • Christian Boltz

    Christian Boltz - 2011-04-10

    Thanks for your patch. It really contains several better texts :-)

    I just commited most of it to SVN trunk r1031, but with some changes:
    - instead of the various "*_button" texts, I used a common 'save' text to avoid duplicate translation efforts (and changed the templates accordingly)
    - I split pEdit_alias_welcome (the second half is now PALANG.pEdit_alias_help) to avoid the <br /> in the text

    The translations will obviously take some time until someone updates them. (If you understand any language besides english and german, pickup your favorite language file and update the translation ;-)

    Things I did not commit yet:

    -$PALANG['pLogin_welcome'] = 'Mail admins login here to administer your domain.';
    +$PALANG['pLogin_welcome'] = 'EMail Administrators:<br> login here to administer your domain.';
    *** the added <br /> means I'll have to split the string, which causes more work (I just learnded this with pEdit_alias_welcome ;-)

    -$PALANG['pEdit_alias_address'] = 'Alias';
    +$PALANG['pEdit_alias_address'] = 'Address';
    *** this would mean we have to change the word "Alias" at much more places to stay consistent, and I'm not sure if "Alias" is that hard to understand

    -$PALANG['pEdit_alias_forward_and_store'] = 'Deliver to the local mailbox.';
    -$PALANG['pEdit_alias_forward_only'] = 'Forward to given email addresses only.';
    +$PALANG['pEdit_alias_forward_and_store'] = '<b>Forward and Store:</b> Deliver to the local mailbox and forward a copy to the given address(es) above.';
    +$PALANG['pEdit_alias_forward_only'] = '<b>Forward Only:</b> Forward to given email addresses only without keeping a copy. You will still be able to access your mailbox to send messages from this account.';
    *** again needs to be split to remove the HTML.
    *** the word "above" might become funny if someone changes the template and has the textarea below those options
    *** The "You will still be able ..." is unrelated IMHO - I tend not to add that part.

    If you have some ideas how the mentioned issues can be solved, please speak up ;-)


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