#166 Postgres installation broken on Ubuntu/Deb

Database (41)
Phil Hord

Postgres install fails in .deb package (and in other scripts) because "postfixadmin" user is not the owner of the "postfixadmin" database. The database should be created "with owner postfixadmin;"

Not sure if this is relevant: Ubuntu default uses "ident" authentication on Postgres. The "postgres" user is the only super-user.

When I installed PostfixAdmin using the .deb, it did create the database and user but it did not create any tables. I tried dpkg-reconfigure several times to rebuild the database. I finally figured out what was wrong by running upgrade.php?debug=1. Then I modified the database to have owner postfixadmin:
postgres:~$ psql
Welcome to psql 8.3.8, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.
postgres=# alter database postfixadmin owner to postfixadmin;
postgres=# \q

I ran the dpkg-reconfigure script again; I also ran the upgrade script, which reported it had more to do. Not sure if this is because I had used other DB's in the process.

I had more trouble trying to run setup.php. I didn't realize I needed to. I should find the documentation, I guess. It just seemed like this is what dpkg-reconfigure was doing.


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