#133 Vacation will not send a reply for aliased mailbox

Vacation (31)
Jase Thew

Vacation.pl - revision 535 with Postfixadmin 2.3-rc3

If you have a mailbox (eg, mailbox@domain.com) which has an alias configured to deliver to it (eg, alias@domain.com -> mailbox@domain.com) and you then enable vacation for the mailbox, if you send mail to the alias, a reply is not generated and the following is produced in the vacation logfile :

2009/04/13 13:44:38 DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/vacation.pl:479 main:: - Script argument SMTP recipient is : 'mailbox#domain.com@autoreply.localdomain' and smtp_sender : 'root@jail-postfix.localdomain'
2009/04/13 13:44:38 DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/vacation.pl:505 main:: - Converted autoreply mailbox back to normal style - from mailbox#domain.com@autoreply.localdomain to mailbox@domain.com
2009/04/13 13:44:38 DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/vacation.pl:516 main:: - Email headers have to: 'alias@domain.com' and From: 'root@jail-postfix.localdomain (Charlie Root)'
2009/04/13 13:44:38 DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/vacation.pl:543 main:: - smtp envelope recipient mailbox@domain.com not found in the header recipients (alias@domain.com & ) (therefore they were bcc'ed, so won't send vacation message)

I believe this to be a bug as a reply should be sent to the sender.


  • Charles

    Charles - 2009-04-13

    Not replying to senders when the recipient is BCCd is highly desirable...

    I can see a Feature Request for allowing vacation message processing to include aliases, but imo, this is not a bug...

    Also, I think it should be optional... I wouldn't want my aliases to respond with vacation messages...

  • Jase Thew

    Jase Thew - 2009-04-13

    Firstly, alias expansion is not the same as BCC - the warning produced in the log is of the result of a bad BCC check (at least, imo) that also happens to catch alias expansions.

    Secondly, the previous version of vacation in this scenario would send the auto response using the mailbox address as sender. So the fact that it won't reply at all in this scenario with the current version is definitely a regression.

    Finally, sure, I can see the benefit in having alias (as opposed to mailbox) addresses used for responses as an optional setting, so I don't disagree with that.


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