Patrick - 2007-03-28

I am just starting out with POSTest (not to mention Java). I am trying to implement a LineDisplay device but having a bit of trouble understanding one aspect.

According to the Unified POS spec. when a device is disabled it should be put into its non-operational state. On the POSTest GUI, clicking the LineDisplay Device "Device enabled" checkbox toggles my driver between enabled and disabled. Everything ok so far.

But (and finally here is my problem) if the device is enabled (Device enabled: checked) and Close is clicked, shouldn't the checkbox be cleared in line with the JavaPOS device enabled property??

What happens with me is that after clicking Close, I click Open again, then Claim, the checkbox is checked so POSTest tries to enable the device, but the internal deviceEnabled property is actually false.

I hope this makes sense. I may have this completely backwards so apologies if I am missing something obvious. Thanks for any help.

PS. If anyone has some examples of JavaPOS devices I would be very greatfull.