POStest fails

  • lumpy

    lumpy - 2007-04-04

    Anyone out there used the POStest in suse linux? My install has jpos installed and I think running ok, java 1.4.2, and when I try to run the it dies saying something about invalid arguments... Have I missed a basic step to configure something or add a classpath, the JPOS class path was done ok, and I manually added the path to the postest directory and even the postest jar- all to no avail.

    Also just tried on a windows box, and had the same failure message...

    • Patrick

      Patrick - 2007-04-10

      Can you post the exact failure message.

    • lumpy

      lumpy - 2007-04-11

      Sorry should have done so before:

      /downloads/posttest # ./
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.VerifyError: (class: jpos/config/simple/xml/XercesRegPopulator, method: load signature: ()V) Incompatible object argument for method call
              at jpos.config.simple.xml.SimpleXmlRegPopulator.<init>(Unknown Source)
              at com.jpos.POStest.ConfiguredDevicesPanel.make(
              at com.jpos.POStest.POStestGUI.<init>(
              at com.jpos.POStest.POStest.main(

      Does this imply that I should have used jpos.config/loader to set things up, I have loaded the config/loader  but was unable to get it running either as it seems to want the Reference Implimentation setup. How do I get the JCL RI which is the simple JCL setup ? The documents dont seem to match the distribution. I dont have a jclall.jar to add to the classpath or an src.jar in the src directory ???


      • Patrick

        Patrick - 2007-04-11

        Looks like you need to download the Xerces library. POSTest uses xerces to parse the xml file. Go to <> and download the latest version, then place xercesImpl.jar somewhere on you classpath.


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