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Posterita: 1.7.6 Official Release

Posterita POS is a full web POS for large distribution and multi-site Point of Sale for thousands of users. Posterita POS is built on Adempiere/ERP. Posterita POS (Point of Sale) is specialised for the retail, supermarket and franchise industry.

The Posterita Team is pleased to announced the new Posterita1.7.6 released with many fixes and new UI.

Posted by Peerbuccoss shameem 2008-12-20

Posterita 1.7.5 now available

The Posterita Team is pleased to announced the new Posterita1.7.5 released.

Posted by Peerbuccoss shameem 2008-11-13

Posterita 1.6 released

Posterita 1.6 released

Posted by Sendy 2008-04-23

Posterita 1.5 Released

We will now be issuing a monthly release and tag it as Stable when appropriate.

Posted by fredtsang 2008-03-29

Posterita Documentation

Posterita has published some documentations on the wiki of Adempiere.

Posted by fredtsang 2007-02-19