xTuple ERP: PostBooks 3.0 goes to beta

xTuple is happy to announce a beta release of PostBooks version 3.0. This is a major release, and incorporates significant new functionality for day to day users of the system, power users and developers.

Our plans are to do a Release Candidate (RC) on Friday June 6, and the final release on Friday June 20. It's purely a coincidence that we're skipping Friday the 13th :)

Highlights include a Screen Builder which allows non-coders to build their own xTuple ERP screens in the application using a GUI designer, the ability to control application behavior with Javascript, an Assemble To Order Product Configurator, advanced Warranty Tracking, User Roles/Groups, and major enhancements to Localization features.

Read on for more detail, including the full Release Notes.


Release Notes
xTuple ERP
OpenMFG/Standard Edition/PostBooks
Version 3.0.0Beta
May 23, 2008

This is the first Beta release of version 3.0.0. Thanks to all who provided feedback on the Alpha release over the past week.

The 3.0.0 release contains a number of significant new features. As always, we are very interested to hear from beta testers who may be seeing this new functionality for the first time. So please download and use the beta--and send us your feedback!

Here's a summary of the major new features:

Form Builder

You can now make small changes to existing windows and add new windows
to the application without learning C++. A Design submenu has been
added to the System menu which lets you load Qt User Interface files
into the database, create menu items to trigger those UI files, and
write JavaScript to run against either these new UI files or when the
application loads precompiled windows. You will need Qt Designer to
create the new UI files; if you want to use xTuple's custom widgets in
your UI files then you will need to install a development environment
to build the widgets library.

Assemble To Order (ATO) Configurator

It is now possible to configure non-Inventory Items--namely Job Type
and Reference Type Items. Configuration begins at the Item level,
where List Prices may be associated with Characteristics. When these
Characteristics are selected at Sales Order Item entry, the Line Item
Price is incremented accordingly. Likewise, Item Characteristics for
Job Items can be associated with BOM Items.

Advanced Warranty Tracking

Added the ability to pre-assign lot/serial numbers to Return
Authorizations, enforced on receipt. Also includes the following:

* Multi-level historical trace
* Lot/Serial Characteristics
* Lot/Serial Warranty Registration for sold items
* Purchase warranty tracking for lot/serial controlled items

User Roles/Groups

Now administrators may set application-level privileges to Groups and
then assign individual Users to these Groups. This simplifies the
process of configuring application security. Changes to Group privileges
automatically apply to Users who are members of those Groups. A user
may be assigned to multiple Groups and may be granted additional
privileges if necessary.


The Locale definition has changed. Rather than specifying the details
of how numbers and dates should be formatted and the name of the
translation file, Locales now contain language and country selectors,
which are used to build the translation file name automatically. The
formats for dates, times, and numbers are then determined automatically
based on the chosen language and country. The precision of different
types of numeric value displayed by the application is now specified
directly instead of as full numeric format strings.

Part of this work involved adding visual Calendars to date fields
throughout the application.)


The following features and bug fixes have been added to the applications
since the Alpha release last week. Additional detail for each item
listed below may be found on our community website (www.xtuple.org).
Simply go to the Issue Tracker and select the Changelog option.

New Features:

* [System] Added the ability to add tabs to tab widgets with scripting
* [System] Added basic Employee record
* [S/O] Added triggers for Sales Order so that Comments are added when the Ship Via is changed and when the Order is added to the Packing List Batch

Bug Fixes:

* [A/R] Renamed column header on CC Payments tab on Customer Information Workbench from "S/O #" to "Document #" for clarity
* [A/R] Fixed issue where selecting a Cash Receipt for deletion opened it in edit mode instead
* [Accounting] Fixed issue where overlapping Credit Memo and Invoice Numbers could result in incorrect information displaying on the Invoice Register and AR Applications screens
* [A/R] Fixed issue where pgcrypto error was shown on Cash Receipt Edit List even though Credit Cards not enabled
* [CRM] Fixed issue on Incident Workbench where clicking RESET caused usertype widget to change setting
* [CRM] Removed description column in Order Activity by Project display because it was not being used
* [CRM] Fixed issue where "Relationships" option sometimes not available when adding new CRM Account
* [G/L] Changed label from "QTD, Prior Year QTD" to "QTD, Prior Year Quarter" on the system-defined basic Income Statement for clarity
* [I/M] Fixed issue preventing purge of Count Slips and Count Tags on current day's date
* [Inventory] Added Exp. Cat. label which was missing from the Expense Transaction screen
* [Inventory] Fixed issue where username was not displaying on Reset QOH Balances screen
* [Products] Fixed issue preventing copying of BOM, BOO, and Used At information or Job Items on Copy Item screen
* [System] Fixed TAB focus problem in date widget


The following features and bug fixes have been added to the applications
since the release of version 2.3.2. Additional detail for each item
listed below may be found on our community website (www.xtuple.org).
Simply go to the Issue Tracker and select the Changelog option.

New Features:

* [Accounting] recurring invoices
* [Accounting] Add right click drill down to Shipments by Sales Order from G/L Transaction Window
* [A/R] api.invoice/invoiceline views
* [Accounting] Show amounts in Billing Selections
* [A/P] Add invoiced column to Voucher Line Items Window that shows the quantity invoiced on the voucher.
* [CRM] CRM Account/Customer/Prospect/Vendor/Tax Authority need auto number generation
* [CRM] CRM-UI-03 4. Assign lead to sales location
* [CRM] CRM-UI-01 .5 The system shall track the user that entered the lead
* [CRM] Add contact number to contact cluster
* [CRM] To-Do List sort by Due Date
* [CRM] CRM-UI-03 5. Assign a lead to a sales rep.
* [CRM] Add address number to address table and view
* [CRM] New View and Update Logic for CONTACT
* [Inventory] There should be a facility to print labels on transfer orders
* [Inventory] Allow changing the date of Inventory transactions
* [Inventory] Add ability to conduct forward and backward multi-level trace on lot/serial controlled item
* [Inventory] Add ability to record and track warranty information for purchased items
* [Products] Reference items must be configurable
* [Reports] Patch to characteristicstostring() function
* [Sales] Quote should have an expiration date
* [Sales] CRM-UI-01 Add API View for Prospect
* [Sales] Add warranty registration tracking for sold items.
* [Sales] Implement Advanced Warranty Tracking on serial lot control
* [Sales] Modified custTrigger to include recording comment for discount percent change
* [Schedule] Run MRP by Item with option to explode children
* [System] date fields on windows (DLineEdits) do not honor locale setting for dates
* [System] POS-ERP-56 Allow the user to select the number of days to keep processor logs
* [System] Add display of Patch information to Database Information window
* [System] Add groups/roles for user maintenance
* [System] Change system administrator account from 'mfgadmin' to 'admin'
* [System] Add Form Builder functionality
* [System] Add Assemble to Order (ATO) Configurator functionality for Job Items
* [System] Add checkbox memory to search windows.
* [All] Add system metric that allows setting the Auto Update interval

Bug Fixes:

* [Accounting] Check re-print sequence
* [Accounting] gltrans trigger does not properly check notes config/state
* [A/P] Selecting 'Cancel' button in the addresses list of the vendor, crashes the application
* [A/P] Updating the item controls by ABC class crashes the application
* [Accounting] Clean up Invoice window layout
* [A/P] Vouchering Taging bug
* [A/R] negative invoices still possible
* [Accounting] The working of the checkboxes under the account option of an Adhoc Financial Report is not as expected
* [Accounting] View Financial Report Display - Colunn Heading Only Shows 1 of Two Lines
* [A/P] It is possible to save an blank Cost Category
* [A/P] Able to create empty tax code and tax types
* [A/P] Upon editing the substitutes doesn't get updated
* [A/P] Upon selecting unposted vouchers screen, 'Vouchering Edit List' screen is getting opened
* [A/P] Able to create two pricing schedule items with same quantity to break and different prices for the same item
* [A/P] Deleting S/O line items and accepting cancel S/O you cannot save next S/O in same screen
* [A/R] Credit card 'Cash Receipt' posts 'cash twice.
* [CRM] Incident Serial number search doesn't work properly
* [Inventory] More verbose error message needed at shipping
* [Inventory] Create Item Site Util - Needs Stocked/ROP Check - No Recs Created
* [I/M] Transform just sits there w/o error
* [Inventory] MLC item sites can lock during item site distribution
* [Inventory] Packing List For TO Always Shows 0 Packed Qty
* [Inventory] Issue stock to shipping always reset itself
* [Inventory] Performance Issues when distributing stock with many locations
* [Manufacture] Upon saving the workorder without any changes in the edit mode gives error message
* [Products] Item Search shows "Error" for Job items under Type column
* [P/O] Must Add 2 Contacts For New Vendor or Error Results
* [Purchase] Select vendor on New item source causes crash
* [Purchase] Entries in the Vendors List does not stay in sorted order after adding a new vendor
* [Sales] Resizing problem Pend Avail tab SO Item
* [Sales] Ship To Address Ellipsis Cancel Changes Address
* [Sales] Duplicate RA numbers allowed with manual RA number entry
* [Sales] Quote To S/O - Promise Date Blank
* [Sales] Post Pre-auth Credit Card Charges - Entry Disappears
* [Schedule] MRP using lead time on first pass instead of order group setting
* [Schedule] Clean up Planned Revenue and Expenses

Posted by Ned Lilly 2008-05-28

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