xTuple ERP - PostBooks Edition - version 2.3.1 FINAL


We're pleased to announce the final release of version 2.3.1 of what we're now calling xTuple ERP (PostBooks, Standard, and OpenMFG Editions). The testing cycle was very successful, and we hope you'll be pleased with the resulting product. You may download the software (including client, database upgrade scripts, and the new updater tool if you don't already have it) from the SourceForge downloads area.

Also, for the first time with this release, the client you download at SourceForge can also be used to connect to your own demo database hosted at our site. Just fill out the registration info under "Community" in the GUI client.

If you are an XTN subscriber, please contact support@xtuple.com to arrange for a convenient time for us to upgrade your software for you. The full release notes for version 2.3.1 are below.

Please also note that the user guide documentation has been dramatically updated - not only to include all the latest 2.3 features, but also repackaged and formatted in a much more usable DocBook/XML-based format.

We are now underway with development and planning for the 3.0 cycle, which will contain some terrific new functionality, including the often-requested ability to build your own onscreen forms and displays. Please have a look at the story on www.xtuple.org if you'd like to learn more.

And if you're talking with us about new features you'd like to be involved with for 3.0 (either as a contributor or a sponsor), now's the time to engage in a meaningful way, as we're allocating resources and setting schedules.

Warm regards,

Release Notes
xTuple ERP
Version 2.3.1
March 5, 2008

This is the final release for version 2.3.1 of xTuple ERP,
including PostBooks, Standard, and OpenMFG Editions. Thanks to all
in the community who have helped make this release possible through
their careful testing, patches, and sponsorship.

The complete list of changes incorporated into the release can be
found below. Meanwhile, here is a brief summary of the key new
features introduced in 2.3.1:

* Consolidated Invoice by Customer
* API views for Item, BOM, BOO
* Print Travelers in batch
* Credit Card support for Authorize.NET
* Split Receipt capability
* Multiple CRM Account/Customer Workbench enhancements

PLEASE NOTE: The final 2.3 documentation is now available. Includes
new features found in 2.3.1.

ALSO NOTE: A complete list of report definition changes can be found
in the file reports230to231.txt.


The following features and bug fixes have been added to the
application since the release of version 2.3.1RC1:

New Features:

* [Sales] Added Return Authorization option to ship from an alternate
Warehouse than is being returned to

Bug Fixes:

* [A/P] Fixed issue with A/P open Items Doc Date not being updated
properly if distribution date changed when posting related Voucher
* [A/R] Fixed issue with Customer Deposits not being cleared from
the A/R Workbench when processing Credit Card refunds
* [CRM] Fixed issue causing error when handling Incidents linked to
serial numbers
* [Inventory] Fixed null constraint issue preventing inserts from
working correctly on api.itemsite view
* [Inventory] Fixed issue causing error when shipping sold Reference
* [Products] Modified the system to only check Inventory related to
Item Type if the Item Type has been changed
* [Sales] Fixed Quote PRINT button on the Customer Information
* [Sales] Prevented loophole where pre-authorizations could be made
for canceled Sales Orders
* [System] Prevented inactive Credit Cards from being selectable
when processing CC transactions
* [System] Fixed issue were bad Authorize.Net login was being
reported incorrectly as an md5 hash failure
* [System] Added ability to manually void Credit Card
pre-authorizations on A/R Workbench
* [System] Fixed Authorize.Net configuration to use the merchant's
default test gateway, not the developers' gateway, in test mode
* [System] Fixed issue where both S/O and P/O numbers were not being
passed correctly for Authorize.Net pre-authorizations
* [System] Encrypted password-like fields on the Credit Card
configuration screen
* [System] Hid options on Credit Card configuration screen which
are not currently in use

Posted by Ned Lilly 2008-03-06

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