PostBooks accounting/ERP/CRM - 2.3.1 Release Candidate

xTuple is pleased to announce the release candidate for PostBooks version 2.3.1, containing a number of fixes and tweaks from the beta two weeks ago. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the beta testing!

With this "RC" today, we believe we're about done - 2.3.1 final should be available by week's end, after which we'll be plunging into version 3.0 in a big way. (In fact, we've already got the first Big Idea out there for your comments - the oft-requested user-friendly concept of a Display Builder within the xTuple application. See for more details).

The release notes for the RC are below.

Thanks very much again, and if anyone has a spare cycle or two to take one more pass at the RC, we'd certainly be obliged.



Release Notes
xTuple ERP
Version 2.3.1RC1
February 25, 2008

This is the first Release Candidate for version 2.3.1 of xTuple ERP--
encompassing OpenMFG Edition, Standard Edition, and PostBooks
Edition. This is primarily a bug fix release. The following issues
have been closed since the release of 2.3.1Beta1:

New Features:

* [System] Changed login screen to allow for demo and other server

Bug Fixes:

* [A/R] Added Account requirement if Misc. Charge added on Invoices
* [A/R] Prevented negative Invoices
* [A/R] Modified Cash Receipts screen so "Applied" column and total
only consider current receipt
* [A/R] Fixed issue where incorrect amounts were being calculated
in certain cases when posting Invoices
* [Accounting] Fixed Invoice report definition to handle foreign
currency totals correctly
* [Accounting] Fixed issue where Credit Memo from unapplied Cash
Receipt was being created prematurely
* [Accounting] Fixed Invoice report definition to better handle
Credit Card details when reprinting Invoices
* [Accounting] Fixed loophole preventing the posting of Credit
Card pre-authorizations after the original Sales Order has been
* [I/M] Improved performance when performing RECEIVE ALL transaction
on PO Receipt
* [S/R] Enforced Return Authorization Line Item notes to be
transferred to the Sales Order Line Items they are linked to
* [S/R] Added checking to update open Shipments if Sales Order
Freight charges are changed
* [Inventory] Fixed PO Receipt screen to handle multiple Order
types more effectively
* [Manufacture] Fixed issue with Work Order postings that backflush
material failing if Items were Reference or control method = none
* [Products] Fixed issue preventing BOM substitutes from being
entered before the BOM Item was saved
* [Products] Enforced positive Reorder Levels for Item Sites marked
as "Stocked" to prevent problems with Item maintenance
* [Products] Modified BOM and BOO master lists to allow inclusion of
BOMs and BOOs having header information only
* [Products] Updated "Items by..." displays to properly handle Job
Item information
* [Products] Updated Costed Single Level Bill of Materials report to
match the eponymous display
* [P/O] Fixed PO Item screen to correctly pass Received Date entered
* [Purchase] Fixed stock P/O report definition so Return Address not
* [S/O] Fixed issue where BOM Effective/Expired dates were being
ignored on the "Pending Availability" tab of the SO Item screen
* [Sales] Fixed error received for some users when creating a new
* [Sales] Fixed Indented BOM option on SO Item screen to correctly
show information for BOMs having Revisions
* [Sales] Enabled users to select subsequent original Sales Orders
on Return Authorization header after one has been selected already
* [Sales] Fixed issue where changing Work Order dates via the Sales
Order screen made start and due date the same
* [Sales] Disabled grace days option on Customer master if not used
* [Sales] Disabled editing of scheduled date on RA Line Items screen
* [Sales] Fixed issue where RA with disposition "Service" displayed
as credit in the RA Item screen
* [Sales] Fixed issue where Sales Order origin information was not
being handled properly by RAs
* [Sales] Fixed issue on SO Item screen where Promise Date was using
Locale setting when it should not have been
* [System] Fixed issue where Authorize.Net transactions were failing
md5 hash check if they were entered in one currency but converted to
* [System] Updated Credit Card configuration screen to clarify that
fraud checking is configured via merchant interface for Authorize.Net
* [System] Fixed issue with Authorize.Net configuration incorrectly
complaining that the port should be set to 0
* [System] Update Credit Card configuration screen to correctly handle
full or abbreviated url entry for server
* [System] Merged the Authorize.Net transaction key with the password
to simplify the Credit Card configuration interface
* [System] Obscured password-like fields on credit card configuration
* [System] Eliminated unnecessary "set on gateway" configuration
parameters for Authorize.Net
* [System] Encrypted Authorize.Net md5 hash
* [System] Fixed Credit Card configuration to not warn about missing
PEM file for Authorize.Net payment gateway
* [System] Prevented crash behavior on Credit Card configuration
screen if no payment gateway selected
* [System] Improved system idle message for clarity

Posted by Ned Lilly 2008-02-25

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