PostBooks: 2.3.1 - Beta release

Fully integrated ERP, CRM, and accounting for small to midsized businesses. Graphical client runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows (built with open source Qt framework). Business logic resides in PostgreSQL database server. Fully international-ready.

We're happy to announce the beta release of PostBooks - the free edition of the xTuple ERP Applications, version 2.3.1. This is primarily a bug-fix and cleanup release, although there are more new features that you would typically find in a minor "dot release." Please see the release notes for details on the over 100 new features and enhancements, including a long-awaited fix to the multi-location/lot/serial can't-cancel snarl (if you're a longtime user, you know what I'm talking about).

This will be a short cycle, and we probably won't do another beta unless we find some real issues - so please have a go at it, and let us know what you find! Best way to contact us is the forums at

After 2.3.1 final is released, we will be kicking off the 3.0 development cycle, and will have a great deal to say about roadmap, architectural improvements, and long-term vision. Stay tuned!

More details below...

Release Notes
xTuple Applications
OpenMFG - PostBooks
Version 2.3.1Beta1
February 8, 2008

This is the first Beta release of version 2.3.1, marking the end of
new feature development for this release cycle. We move now into
refining, testing, and bug fixing mode leading up to the final release.

Highlights of this Beta release include the following:

* Consolidated Invoice by Customer
* API views for Item, BOM, BOO
* Print Travelers in batch
* Credit Card support for Authorize.NET
* Split Receipt capability
* Redesigned CRM Account screen


The following features and bug fixes have been added to the applications
since the release of 2.3.0:

New Features:

* [Accounting] Added option to print a Sales Journal from Unposted
Invoices screen
* [Accounting] Added ability to split a receipt so it may be
partially vouchered
* [Accounting] Enabled time based credit hold capability in OpenMFG
* [Accounting] Moved Chart of Account to first position in "Accounts"
menu structure
* [Accounting] Added ability to view Voucher line detail from Vendor
* [Accounting] Added ability to view Voucher line G/L detail in Vendor
* [Accounting] Added PO# column in Vendor History
* [CRM] Added the ability to see merged comments from the Account
window for subordinate Customer, Contact, Vendor and Tax Authority
* [CRM] Added the ability to see opportunities from the Account
* [CRM] Added default Address to CRM Account master
* [Manufacture] Added more right-click options to manufacturing
* [Manufacture] Added new Work Order schedule by Work Order Number
* [Manufacture] Added CANCEL button to lot/serial distribution
* [Manufacture] Added batch printing capability for Travelers
* [Purchase] Reorganized layout of Voucher screen
* [Purchase] Added New Event For PO Line Item Insert
* [Sales] Multiple additions to Customer Information Workbench,
including: A button linked to CRM Account screen; a button linked
to A/R workbench; a QUERY button to refresh all the information in
this screen except for C/C payments; Invoice list shows 0 and non-0
balance, with most recent records at the top; right-click on Sales
Order to find two more menu options (i.e., Shipment status and
Shipment information); credit limit added; and credit status made
* [Sales] Added support for lot/serial and Characteristic printing
on Packing Lists
* [Sales] Allowed viewing and editing of Sales Orders associated
with Returns by right click from R/A line items
* [Sales] Allowed credit to be given on replacement Return
* [Sales] Multiple CRM Account/Customer Workbench enhancements,
including: Added a button to launch Customer Workbench from Account
window; right-click launch to Sales Order from Invoice Items;
allowed printing of Sales Orders, Invoices, and Credit Memos on
Customer Workbench; launch Cash Receipt from Invoice tab; link to
jump to Shipment tracking from invoice; added due date of Invoices;
late Invoices displayed in RED
* [Sales] Added Batch Manager support for automatic allocations
* [Sales] Added the ability to consolidate Invoices by Customer
* [System] Changed term "Buffer Management" in Neo menu to
"Constraint Management"
* [System] Added Credit Card processing capability

Bug Fixes:

* [Accounting] Fixed error received when canceling Cash Receipt
* [Accounting] Fixed Check Register to print detail
* [Accounting] Fixed Credit Card error received when posting Cash
* [Accounting] Restored TAB order on Expense Category
* [A/P] Re-enabled copy function of in Bill of Operations list
* [A/P] Fixed screen resizing problem on AP open Items screen
* [A/P] Fixed error when attempting to copy an Item Site
* [A/P] Added line Characteristics and missing Notes to Quote report
* [A/P] Fixed problem preventing printing of CheckFormat.xml report
* [A/P] Fixed AP Credit Memos to use Terms from Vendor file
* [A/R] Fixed open AR Items screen resizing problem
* [A/R] Fixed issue where wrong Customer Invoice was appearing on
Customer Information Workbench
* [A/R] Fixed loophole where Cash Receipts against Credit Cards
could be deleted after the Credit Card charge has been processed
* [A/R] Fixed problem preventing processing of Credit Card refund
against a Customer Deposit
* [A/R] Fixed erroneous error when posting Misc. Invoices
* [G/L] Fixed issue with Budgets not updating properly
* [CRM] Enabled inactive flag for To-Do Items
* [CRM] Fixed issue with To-Do List right-click options being
disabled incorrectly
* [CRM] Fixed issue with To-Do List requiring two 2 clicks to
enable EDIT button
* [Inventory] Fixed ISSUE ALL BALANCE button on Issue Stock to
Shipping screen to honor sufficient Inventory requirement
* [Inventory] Fixed issue preventing deletion of posted Count Slips
from the Count Slip Edit List
* [Inventory] Fixed issue allowing return of different Serial
Numbers when returning line items back to stock
* [Inventory] Fixed error received when trying to return stock from
* [Inventory] Added lot/serial group back to the default Packing
* [Inventory] Fixed issue preventing selection of Location radio
button on Item Site screen
* [Inventory] Prevented entry of duplicate Warehouse Locations
* [Inventory] Enforced relationship between "Stocked" flag and
Order Level on Item Site screen
* [Inventory] Fixed error received when attempting to delete an
* [S/R] Disabled "Require Sufficient Inventory" option on Issue
Stock to Shipping screen if S/O Allocations are enabled
* [S/R] Enabled RA line item notes to transfer to S/O's linked to
* [Manufacture] Enabled backflush of Job Item Work Order Material
* [Manufacture] Fixed issue preventing posting of Misc. Production
when "Track Machine Overhead" is flagged as "with General Overhead"
* [Products] Fixed issue causing Copy Item function to be slow when
all options are selected
* [Products] Prevented users from select anything but Material
Issue UOMs when entering a BOM item
* [Products] Prevented deletion of Bills of Materials having valid
* [Products] Fixed issue causing BOM components not to be copied
when copying a BOM
* [Products] Fixed issue preventing addition of BOO items
* [Products] Restored missing Characteristics tab to Item master
* [Products] Disabled editing of Max Desired Cost currency on Item
* [Products] Liked UOM ratio formatting to Locale setting
* [Products] Fixed PostBooks only issue preventing deletion of
* [P/D] Fixed BOO report to ignore expired Operations and also
added missing information
* [Purchase] Changed PO report definition to dynamically find
Warehouse Address
* [Sales] Enabled alternate Shipping Warehouse for Return
* [Sales] Fixed issue with Availability information not being
displayed on the RA Item screen
* [Sales] Fixed issue with new Order value being overwritten when
using RA authorize buttons
* [Sales] Added Shipping Warehouse label to RA Item screen
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing creation of Sales Account
Assignments if Returns are enabled
* [Sales] Added filtering on RA header to only show valid Sales
Orders for specified Customer
* [Sales] Fixed issue with extraneous lot/serial numbers showing
up on Invoices having RA processing in their past
* [Sales] Enabled changing of RA line item dispositions after
line items are created
* [Sales] Fixed issue where default Warehouse always was showing
for returns, regardless of Warehouse specified
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing printing of RAs
* [Sales] Fixed error found when attempting to create Work Orders
in S/O and R/A for Items that had BOM items with no Item Site
* [Sales] Fixed error received when selecting to cancel a
newly-created RA after adding a line item
* [Sales] Hid browse button next to New Order field on RA header
* [Sales] Fixed crash behavior when showing pending availability
on Sales Order item screen
* [Sales] Fixed pending availability as indented BOM on Sales
Order Item screen to properly show deeply nested BOMs
* [Sales] Fixed issue with RA Checks getting a -1 value at first
* [Sales] Fixed issue with RA item credit exceeding original qty.
* [Sales] Fixed failing update of salesorder api if no shipto is
* [Sales] Fixed Customer screen to use AR Terms only
* [Sales] Fixed issue with right-click options working
inconsistently in Inventory Availability By Customer Type screen
* [Sales] Fixed issue with Notes not saving on Returns
* [Sales] Fixed font color inconsistencies on Inventory
Availability By Customer Type screen
* [Schedule] Fixed planning BOM percentages to work properly
* [System] Fixed error message received when running the
createbufferstatus function
* [System] Fixed XML import error received with Item Type is
* [System] Rescaled user's initials field on Maintain Users
* [System] Removed non-functional Verisign credit card
authorization option
* [System] Fixed issue preventing Hot Keys from working
* [System] Fixed Item view which was incorrectly allowing
inserts without a Class Code
* [System] Fixed issue causing Credit Card configuration screen
to crash
* [System] Removed invalid XML found on Credit Card posting
* [System] Fixed issue with Item Characteristics being hidden
when multi-Warehouse functionality was disabled
* [System] Fixed XML import to read ID and Note codes properly
* [System] Fixed issue where Yahoo XML contains Freight
information not found on Sales Order
* [System] Fixed issue with actual Yahoo Store XML Order Numbers
being out of range
* [System] Fixed issue which required Post Journal Entry permission
to post any transaction in the system
* [System] Improved wording of error code returned when issuing to

Posted by Ned Lilly 2008-02-13

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