TRAINING: PostBooks-OpenMFG functional / developer training

Greetings! We've been getting a lot of inquiries about upcoming training dates for the xTuple Applications (OpenMFG and PostBooks) - both hands-on operations training, as well as developer-oriented sessions. We've tentatively scheduled our next user training session for the week of October 8, and we'd like to get a better sense of the community's interest on the development side.

The user training is a time-tested session for partners and customers looking to get up to speed on the xTuple software; we start with a high-level introduction to ERP, then get into how OpenMFG and PostBooks track with standard concepts and practices, and quickly move into several days of hands-on work with the application itself. The application content does cover some functionality included in OpenMFG but not PostBooks (such as manufacturing planning), but is intended to give a strong grounding in the setup and day-to-day use of both products. We spend some time with reporting (creating, modifying) via the OpenRPT report writer, a little bit on the PostgreSQL database, and do a very high-level overview of client-side development. You can see a more detailed breakdown of a standard session below.

We're contemplating holding our first session purely for developers, perhaps for a few days in the week preceding or following the October 8-12 session. Here are some possible areas we could cover:

* Creating and modifying business logic in the PostgreSQL procedural language (pl/pgsql)
* Safely interfacing third-party applications to OpenMFG/PostBooks via database views
* Advanced reporting with OpenRPT and the MetaSQL scripting language
* Creating and modifying client-side code in C++ with the Qt tools
* Creating new front-end interfaces to the OpenMFG/PostBooks business logic
* Extending PostBooks as a horizontal platform for other business applications

Please add a comment to this post to let us know what you'd like to see, or email us at Please be sure to tell us whether you'd be able to attend for 2-3 days in October (at our Norfolk, Virginia headquarters).


For more details on the training, please see

Posted by Ned Lilly 2007-08-25

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