#836 Mantis ID:8518 - Several suggestions for configuration options for Shop Flooe Workbench


Reporter: lcartee
Severity: Feature
Category: Manufacture
Project: xTupleApps

Version: 3.2.1

This post is log a feature request and not to report a bug or other issue.

These suggestions are meant to make the Shop Floor Workbench a more versatile feature for those manufacturing facilities that have work orders that span significant longer periods of time and for thos who would like to use the clock in and clock out times a source of information to pass to a payroll serice provider.

1. A Configuration option to allow or not allow clocking in to multiple jobs at the same time. This necessary so that the total clocked in time cannot execeed worked time. A dummy work order of some sort can be kept open for recording any time not working on a specific work order.

2. A configuration option that does not require any input after the clock out. Simply post the time and issue no materials, record no completed quantities, mark nothing comeplete. Just post the time. Some selection would need to be made by the operator to determine set up time or run time. I would suggest radio buttons defaulting to run time. Perhaps the default could also be a configuration option.

3. I believe the user selection on the Shop Floor Work Bench should actually be employee and not an xTuple user. A user would be required to start xTuple and log in, but this could be a foreman or shop supervisor and from then on it would be by employee. Why would some painter or welder need to be set up as user in order to record time against a work order?

4. The screen displays and printed reports should be modified to be one user (employee) or all or use pattern matching. The same for the display by work order. There also needs to be a date/time range selection. My first thought is that the date range would be for the clock out time, but perhaps it should be both. The idea here is to provide management information for monitoring the shop and to use the report as a source document for submitting hours to an external payroll system.

5. A display should be available for all open clock ins so that a shop manager or supervisor can tell from their desk who is clocked into what work order at the current time.

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Read more at http://www.xtuple.org/mantis/view.php?id=8518


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