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  =3D=3D=3D Tax Code Rate =3D=3D=3D
  When creating or editing a tax rate users will be presented with a window=
as pictured:

-  {{attachment:taxCodeRate.png}}
+  . {{attachment:taxCodeRate.png}}

  In the Unit of Measure group users define the tax rate which may be a per=
centage or a flat currency amount. If a flat amount is specified, it will b=
e converted to the currency of the document where it applies (i.e. Sales Or=
der, Invoice etc.).

@@ -126, +126 @@

  =3D=3D=3D Tax Detail =3D=3D=3D
  The tax detail window appears when clicking on the tax hyperlink on the s=
ales order item, select billing quantity, invoice item, return authorizatio=
n item and credit memo item windows. It also can be navigated to from the t=
ax breakdown window. The tax detail window should be converted to use an xt=
reewidget list as pictureds to present all the tax codes that apply to the =
source record, or to the entire order depending on the context. The amount =
listed should be in the currency of the source document with the correspond=
ing currency symbol in the header.

-  {{attachment:taxDetail.png}}
+  . {{attachment:taxDetail.png}}

  =3D=3D=3D Voucher and Miscellaneous Voucher =3D=3D=3D
+ The Voucher and Miscellaneous Voucher windows will be modified to include=
tax authority as a selectable field on the document. The default tax autho=
rity for the vendor will be selected when a purchase order or vendor is sel=
ected.  The main purpose of the tax authority is to allow a way to trace ba=
ck to the authority currency which is used in tax reporting.
+ =

+ Users should not be allowed to select a null tax authority if any miscell=
aneous distributions have been made for type tax.
+ =


  =3D=3D=3D Voucher Miscellaneous Distribution =3D=3D=3D
+ In addition to G/L account and expense category, users will now have a th=
ird option to select a tax code.  The G/L account associated with the tax c=
ode will be used to capture the debit amount associated with the tax on the=
general ledger.  Tax code will only be enabled if a tax authority has been=
selected on the voucher.
+ =


  =3D=3D Report Changes =3D=3D
- =3D=3D=3D Summarized Tax Activity =3D=3D=3D
+ =3D=3D=3D Summarized Tax History =3D=3D=3D
+ The Summarized Taxable Sales report will be renamed Summarized Tax Histor=
y.  The report should be moved from the Sales > Reports menu to an Accounti=
ng > Tax > Reports menu.
+ =

+ =

+ The report will be expanded to summarize by either tax code or tax type. =
If tax type is selected as the summary option, the options to show "All Ta=
x Codes" or "Selected Tax Codes" should be changed to show "All Tax Types" =
or "Selected Tax Types."
+ =

+ It is likely that users will want to use this report to reconcile general=
ledger activity, so an option will be for date basis to be based on the in=
voice date, which is used currently, or the (G/L) distribution date.  If th=
e distribution date is selected, the report will perform an outer join on t=
he aropen table to determine the distribution date.  If no corresponding in=
voice record exists (such as the case might be from imported sales history)=
the report will use the invoice date even if distribution date is selected.
+ =

+ Users will be able to choose whether to display sales and purchase histor=
y.  If both options are chosen, the report will show totals for sales histo=
ry as it has historically done, and summaryzed purchase history based on vo=
ucher miscellanous distributions flagged for tax.  These two tax figures wi=
ll be netted to display the net tax due on a give tax code.  This functiona=
lity is specifically targeted toward users who both collect and pay VAT tax=
es and must report on and pay net VAT taxes collected. The option to displa=
y purchase history will be disabled if the report is summarizing by tax typ=
e.  Columns that display sales data will only be visible when the sales opt=
ion is selected, and columns that display purchase data will only be visibl=
e when the purchase option is selected.  The netting column will only be vi=
sible when both sale and purchase options are selected.
+ =

+ If sales tax history is being displayed, users will be able to right clic=
k on a row and drill down to the supporting detail on the Detailed Sales Ta=
x History window described below.  This window will open in a modal state w=
ith the tax code or type and date options pre-selected and disabled.  This =
behavior will mirror functionality in other places such as the ability to d=
rill down to supporting detail in the Recievables Aging window.
+ =

+ Similarly, if purchase tax history is being displayed, users will be able=
to right click on a row and drill down to the supporting detail on the Det=
ailed Purchase Tax History window described below.  This window will also o=
pen in a modal state with options pre-selected and widgets disabled.
+ =

+ The corresponding printed report for this window should likewise be renam=
ed and modified to include the additional data points described for the win=

  =3D=3D=3D Detailed Sales Tax History =3D=3D=3D
@@ -187, +207 @@

  What changes do we anticipate making to the database schema? New tables? =
Views? Indexes?

  '''The new whatever-you-call-it table'''
- ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Column Name''' ||<style=3D"text-align=
: center;">'''Description''' ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Data Type'=
'' ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Comments''' ||
+ ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Column Name''' ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN:=
center">'''Description''' ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Data Type''' =
||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Comments''' ||
  ||{{{}}}field1 ||Describe me ||data_type ||how it's used ||
  ||foreign_key ||Describe me ||integer ||foreign key to other_id ||
  ||enum_field ||Status or similar field ||character(1) ||Can take one of t=
he following: <<BR>>* A value <<BR>>* Different Value <<BR>>* Final Value ||
@@ -196, +216 @@



  What privileges do we need?
- ||||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Privileges for feature''' ||
+ ||||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Privileges for feature''' ||
- ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Name''' ||<style=3D"text-align: cente=
r;">'''Description''' ||
+ ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Name''' ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center=
">'''Description''' ||
  ||!MaintainWhatever-you-call-it ||Can Add/Edit/Delete stuff ||
  ||!ViewWhatever-you-call-it ||Can View stuff ||