omfgppc - 2009-03-10

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The "EnhancedTaxInternationalization" page has been changed by jrogelstad:


  The main change to the the logic of assignments will be the ability to as=
sociate as many tax codes as are necessary to one tax zone/tax type pair.

- Note the display will show the sub tax relationship of tax codes based on=
other tax codes by indentation.  The indentation will be collapsed by defa=
ult, but is shown expanded here.
+ Note the display will show tax code relationship by indentation.  Tax cod=
es whose calculations are based on other tax codes will also be shown as in=
dented.  The indentation will be collapsed by default, but is shown expande=
d here.

   . {{attachment:taxAssignments.png}}

@@ -144, +144 @@


   . {{attachment:taxAssignment.png}}

- Tax the combination of tax zone, tax type and tax code should be enforced=
to be unique, which is a change from previous behavior where tax zone and =
tax type were unique. Tax code listings should only include tax codes where=
the calculation basis is "Base Price."  When "One group per assignment" is=
selected in Accounting configuration, then this window should only list ta=
x codes that belong to class groups that have not already assigned to the t=
ax zone and type combination selected.  The nature of this logic will requi=
re that the tax code be repopulated when tax zone and type selections have =
+ Users will select multiple tax codes to be associated with a tax assignme=
nt.  When a tax zone and type combination are selected that already has ass=
ignments, those assignments should be automatically loaded.

  =3D=3D=3D Tax Authority =3D=3D=3D
  Tax Authority will be reorganized as pictured: