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Subject: Re: [pgsql-advocacy] PostgreSQL more popular than MySQL?
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 02:49:02 +1030
From: Shane Ambler <pgsql>
To: Jonah H. Harris <jonah>
CC: Dave Page <dpage>,

Jonah H. Harris wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 7:14 AM, Dave Page <dpage> wrote:
>> Richard Huxton just sent me this interesting piece:
> Definitely cool... but the subject is certainly a jump from the data presented.

I would say it isn''t really that big a jump - a more active community
grows from and reflects a more popular product.

> There''s many things which contribute significantly to the difference
> in numbers, such as -hackers and -patches which are non-user-related
> and have almost no equivalent in the MySQL community.  Similarly,
> MySQL has no equivalent to -advocacy, which I would say is primarily
> driven by PostgreSQL contributors, not users.

Well (at markmail archives) mysql has 25 active lists and postgresql has
30 yet we have almost twice as many messages as mysql.

I would disregarding the total messages since 1999 (particularly since
mysql has shown a fairly constant rate of messages a month - dropping
slightly - where postgresql has picked up in more recent years)

The stats do show some interesting points though. Mysql has a fairly
constant level of messages since 1999 - average would appear to be
dropping slightly.

Postgresql activity has risen considerably since 1999. (around 1000
messages a month in 1999 to 8000 a month now)

Currently mysql lists have 149 messages a day and postgresql has 294.

This would indicate a much more active community and shows that
postgresql has increased in popularity whereas mysql has remained fairly

It does raise another point -
If mysql is so popular where do the mysql users discuss issues and get
help? forums maybe? has anyone done (or think they can do) a similar
stat gathering from forum discussions?

Or do mysql users just buy books and tech support where postgresql users
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