omfgppc - 2008-07-15

cryan wrote: Check to make sure you have a plpgsql function called login(). This is the first function called when logging in to the application and if it is not available then you can get the described error. If you are missing this function it is likely that others or all functions are missing on the database due to a problem loading the database.

Earlier in the thread it was mentioned about 2000+ errors and they were ignored. I typically, in my daily use, will see 37 errors which are caused by the plpgsql language already being installed and several other pgcrypto functions being pre-installed that the backup tries to install again. Even a single error should be evaluated for cause to determine if it is benign or not.

If you can reload the backup and examine the error messages, usually the first couple are sufficient, for a cause to the problem that would be the best route. One random thought could be that the user you are loading the database as does not have the appropriate database privileges to create the plpgsql language hook which leads to all other plpgsql function related operations to fail. -- Read more at