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pclark wrote: zzzzz,

Sorry to resurrect an old post...  I think we should start a Server Specs forum.  I wouldn''t want it to turn into a <a href=\&quot;\&quot;>Camaro vs. Mustang vs. Civic</a>  flame board though... :)

Do you have this server up and running yet?
Any caveats or improvements you would have made in your config or decision to purchase? 
Have driver/bios updates have helped the 90% CPU issue?  Can that be helped?
What OS did you go with?

[b:fe90126f52]From the aforementioned flame forum... [/b:fe90126f52]
[quote:fe90126f52] The mustang numbers I knew off the top of my head, and the WS6 and WU6 option as well, the others I didnt know so I did my research which any intelegent person would do to make sure that the numbers were right.

Now the V6 camaro weights about the same as the V6 mustang (3077lbs 5spd) so it basicly comes down to who is the better driver. For pre-99 V6 stangs there is not much of a chance. The mustang V6 should really have a premium option like the SHO Taurus, get a nice DOHC 4.2L in there and kill other sixers, hell they could do an awesome job just with the 3.0 SHO if they updated it. Back in 91'' it was 220/200 powerwise which was very impressive. In 99'' it was replaced with a 3.4L DOHC V8 pushin 235/230. As you can tell I like the underdog, my First mustang was a 95'' V6 but now she is a 95'' Mach1 Project.

Another thing that should be taken into concideration when Fox Meets Bird is the different transmission gearing and final gear ratio''s.[/quote:fe90126f52]

[i:fe90126f52]Yeah, what he said...[/i:fe90126f52]


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