omfgppc - 2008-02-20

zzzzz wrote: Every three years we change out all the servers
In a few months time it will be time to replace all 4 servers

Web, Domain/AD/File, Email,  and Database Server.

Postgres still does not have 64bit version for windows so we miss out performance boost there.

So i''am actual thinking of moving to linux for the database server only.

So which flavor of linux do you think would work best for a windows guy i like simple???

we get our servers from dell. I have always gone way overboard on the database server specs.  I''m thinking 16 gigs of ram, dual Quad Cores, 8 SCSI harddrives two in 2 drives in raid 1 for the OS/binaries, other 6 for the data store in a raid 10 configuration with battery backup cache. 

The other servers go into semi retirement as backups -- Read more at