omfgppc - 2009-03-03

lollisoft wrote: Hi,

I will present some information here due to eMails with Ned and Pierce. They are interested and you probably will to :-)

What is it, database application prototyping ?

I have read some postings here that there is a planning or development of web interfaces for postbooks. To increase the development one could use techniques of prototyping.

I have worked hard to achieve this capabilities into my project and master sample application to allow me saving time.

Here I will present shortly what I mean with application prototyping.

Starting to develop an application begins with an idea, then you propably sketch some pictures and ideas (notes) around it. Then you plan how you like to begin coding.

You propably make a decision to use a specific platform (API or framework) to code with. Probably your first version get''s reviewed and thrown away, because of any reasons. The work will be lost :-(

Using prototyping you don''t make early decisions because you don''t need to code.

How is it done ?

Here are some steps you do with pictures.

You start modelling with UML (First pic), then you enhance the model (Second Pic) and after all the steps between you create your prototype (Third Pic).

Then you could play with your application having a true database backend or initially a Sqlite version.

Good ?

Additional features are the following:

Reverse engeneer databases (like postbooks) to create cut down versions with only some forms or web applications (Fourth Pic).

The postbooks sample as a prototype is the Postbooks Accnt picture and a web application (generated code) of the CRM sample is CRM_GeneratedWebClient picture.


You can quickly create a prototype of new database applications and also reverse engeneer existing database applications. You model in UML and therefore you also have a ''documentation'' and a way to further develop against other targets by directly generate code.

The XML and XMI output format let you also reuse the design, if you decide to use another tool.

Also with the XML file you can postgenerate code by using XSLT templates as shown with the web interface implemented using P4A.

Please vote to give me some feedback :-)

There is also a new documentation for the upcoming release you could preview [url=*checkout*/lbdmf/CPP/AppDevelopmentDemo/DynamicApp/Doc/Applicationprototyping%20Dokumentation.pdf]here[/url].

Thankyou for your time and have fun.

Lothar Behrens --