omfgppc - 2008-08-19

jfurc wrote: PostgreSQL just did not want to start on Windows, could not execute this program or whatever. I didn''t document it but just moved testing to the Mac, since the Windows XP install is quite heavily customized, and the Google searches I did didn''t really yield any promising results.

As for the installers not being intended for production systems out of the box, uhm, yeah. But for convenience, testing and evaluation? It did not work. And not only did it not work, the client showed some interesting problems with regard to checking of variables and such that I would expect to be caught before sending SQL to the backend, especially in software this complex.

It''s all about first impressions really; if you can''t make the all-in-one installer work properly, what does that say about the reliability and quality of the software in production? -- Read more at