omfgppc - 2007-12-27

pclark wrote: In the past I have used and liked Entropy''s PostgreSQL the best of all the precompiled versions I have tried. The only shortcoming of Entropy''s PostgreSQL is that is does not include the pgcrypto libraries in it''s distribution. These can be added by finding a precompiled version that is appropriate or by compiling the source yourself to get the libaries. If you are going to compile the source on the target machine then it makes sense to just install from source, in my mind. The good news is, either because you really like the installer or the target machine does not have compiler tools, you can compile the source on different machine and copy over the correct files and it will work if you compile everything the same and for the same architectures.

I have also tried installing PostgreSQL using the fink utility. The advantage to this is it comes with the pgcrypto libraries already installed. However, I do not like fink''s install because it places all the files in a number of different locations that are not obvious or what I would consider standard, especially for the mac, which made working with it harder.

I am also curious to know what other peoples preferences and experiences are for this topic. -- Read more at