omfgppc - 2009-02-19

ejmarkow wrote: For those using the [url=]Arch Linux[/url] distribution (I have Xfce 4 Desktop Environment with it), here is what I did to resolve the installation / login procedure:

First, find out what is missing:

bash-3.2# ldd => not found => not found => not found => not found


1) Create the following soft symlinks as Root while in the \"xtuple-3.2.0RC\" directory (/home/ejm/Desktop/xtuple-3/xtuple-3.2.0RC in my case) as follows:

bash-3.2# ln -s /usr/lib/
bash-3.2# ln -s /usr/lib/
bash-3.2# ln -s /lib/

2) Install the \"termcap-compat 1.2.3-4\" package:

bash-3.2# pacman -S termcap-compat

Note: There was no \"readline\" package in the Arch Linux repositories, however, the soft link as noted above works fine.

After performing these steps, I am able to log into \"xtuple PostBooks\" and it is functioning very well!

Reminder: Please be aware that the init-3.2.0RC.sql creates the user \"admin\" with the password \"admin\", and not ''mfgadmin\" as noted in some tutorials I have seen.

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