omfgppc - 2008-08-22

gmoskowitz wrote: pprkut,

Thanks for working on the SlackBuilds.

[quote:6a1c3d5664]I noticed that xtuple installs a file systemwide during make. This is ugly. Make is not supposed to do installation. Please add an appropriate install-target if you want to install things.[/quote:6a1c3d5664]

For those who don''t know, the file that gets installed is a shared library containing the xTuple widgets; it gets installed in Qt''s plugins directory. This makes it available to users of Qt Designer to build forms. Why does this happen during builds and not as part of a separate install step? It''s a decision we made to reduce the risk of creating a non-functional product. Our experience has been that opening a .ui file with Qt Designer then saving it strips out all references to properties that belong to that custom widget if the library isn''t installed. This lead to a lot of bugs in the application caused by developers editing .ui files without having the right library in place or by having an old version of the library and not an up-to-date version. The widget library changes frequently, so relying on developers to make install for every iteration of an edit-recompile-test cycle is risky.

Which is worse? Adding a file where it doesn''t belong (only on development machines) or introducing regressions in the applications?
That''s the trade-off we were facing. We chose in favor of application stability. Are we happy with it? No, but it''s a concession to the reality that significant bugs can be introduced by not having the library in place.

Gil --