omfgppc - 2008-08-21

pprkut wrote: So, after some weeks of trying I finally have working SlackBuilds (scripts to generate Slackware Packages) for openrpt and xtuple.

There are some things I would like to mention. The openrpt package contains all headers and libraries needed for a successful compilation of xtuple. They are installed systemwide in the appropriate locations. That makes it a *lot* easier to compile xtuple, as it doesn''t need the whole source of openrpt to be available anyore.

I would also like to see some issues adressed in the future. Shared libraries for openrpt would decrease the package size of both openrpt as well as xtuple.
Further I noticed that xtuple installs a file systemwide during make. This is ugly. Make is not supposed to do installation. Please add an appropriate install-target if you want to install things.

The openrpt SlackBuild is already available from The SlackBuild for xtuple is currently pending approval of the admins and will (hopefully) be available there too once approved. In the meantime you can get the script as well as a precompiled package for Slackware-12.1 at my website:

Comments, Suggestions, etc appreciated :) --