omfgppc - 2009-01-25

turicum wrote: Hi!

I installed and configured postgres on ubuntu-8.10 (as a guest in VirtualBox, on a kubuntu-8.04 host) and I''m experiencing the following problems with the client (the database seems to be fine, pgAdmin works smoothly, everybody''s happy).

When running xtuple on the same machine on which postgresql is installed (ubuntu 8.10), I get the following error message:

./xtuple: 23: /home/test/xtuple-3.2.0/xtuple.bin: not found

interestingly, \"ldd ./xtuple.bin\" results in \"not a dynamic executable\" (because of the 64bits? but then, why can I run the very same client on kubuntu-8.04 64bit?)

On the host machine, after adding the following missing links: -> /usr/lib32/ -> /lib32/ -> /usr/lib32/ -> /lib32/

when I try to login, I get the following error message:

A connection to the specified xTuple ERP Server cannot be made. This may be due to an incorrect Username and/or Password or the server in question cannot support any more connections. Please verify your Username and Password and try again or wait until the specified xTuple ERP Server is less busy.
System Error
QPSQL: Unable to connect

Any suggestion?
Thank you!

Kind regards,
Alessandro --