omfgppc - 2008-09-12

nickcapp wrote: I don''t know if it''s a problem with PostgreSQL or the Xtuple client but whenever I try to log onto my test database I get the following error message

\"A Connection could not be established with the specified database as the proper database drivers have not been installed.  Contact your systems administrator\"

Here''s my troubleshooting so far:
On the Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop box, I can see the database and I can query the database from PgAdmin III

From a terminal or telnet I can access pgsql and run a query against the database and it works.

ANY suggestions as to where to start??

P.S. the 3.1.0Beta2 on Windows tells me that \"A Connection to the Specified Xtuple server cannot be made. This may be due to...\"
BUT it lets me log on to the global demo database....

The Linux one will NOT let me log on at all to either the global demo or my local database.

<a href=\&quot;\&quot;>Installing PostBooks on Ubuntu 7.04</a> is the set of directions I was using to install PostBooks -- Read more at